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Arrival Slot Has Arrived At BetSoft

Arrival slot

BetSoft has released a new 3D video slot called Arrival. It begins with a humorous intro video showing the galactic police on their quest to protect everyone from the evil alien Zarpon. During the galactic polices’ endeavors to fight evil, Zarpon abducts the female of the police duo. Will you help battle Zarpon and his robot army in order to rescue her?

I love 3D slots, so of course, BetSoft software is one of my favorites because of how state of the art their BetSoft games are. The graphics on Arrival are stellar (no pun intended). The background of this new slot game is set to look like the control panel of Zarpon’s spaceship. If you pause at all during your game-play, Zarpon will turn around to face you and taunt you with lines like, “Please do something.”, “I haven’t got all day.”, and “Hurry up Earthling!”.

The slots symbols in this game feature evil robots from Zarpon’s Army, the female and male hero of the story – the two galactic police officers, planets, Space Marine badges, ray guns, and the big brained alien himself, Zarpon.

Click Me Feature
Three or more ray guns anywhere on the reels will trigger the UFO click me feature. You will click UFOs to reveal instant prizes.

Free Spins Feature
Three or more certain symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger the abduction wild reel feature. A UFO will turn a whole reel wild and then award you free spins.

Bonus Round
There is also a bonus round. Help the Marine save his abducted partner. Three or more of the female Marine symbols will trigger this bonus round.

Arrival is a quirky 3D video slot full of laughs an out-of-this-world graphics. Check out this new video slot for yourself at casinos featuring BetSoft software such as Bovada and Vegas Crest.

Jungle Jim: El Dorado – New Microgaming 3D Slot

Jungle Jum slot

Microgaming has just released and exciting new 3D slot game called Jungle Jim – El Dorado. This new slot game is an epic adventure without a doubt. This five reel twenty-five pay-line slot game features cascading reels with crimson rubies, deep blue sapphires, chests packed full of gold, ancient artifacts and much more. I have to say the animations on this game are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

3D graphics on this new game are positively stellar, and with its transparent cascading reels, the two distinct backgrounds in this game are fully visible which I think is a nice touch. The first of the two backgrounds is a lush green jungle and the other is the much sought-after treasure room buried deep somewhere in El Dorado.

Now the “cascading reels” mean that every time you complete a winning pay-line the symbols in that pay-line disappear allowing symbols to drop from above and continue making winning pay-lines. That in itself is awesome, but during the free spins round it accounts for some seriously large payouts. During the free spins you begin with a three times multiplier and every time the symbols in your winning pay-line disappear and the symbols that drop complete another winning pay-line the multiplier goes up. The multipliers available in this round are times 3, times 6, times 9, and a whopping 15 times multiplier.

While the pay lines are fixed there are still several coin sizes to choose from depending on the size of your bankroll.

Jungle Jim El Dorado is an engaging game with amazing graphics that will draw you into this world of lost treasure and adventure guaranteed. You can join our hero Jungle Jim, The Liberator of Lost Treasure, at Go Wild or Crazy Vegas. Find some life-changing lost treasure of your own with Micro’s newest slot game, Jungle Jim – El Dorado!

Avast! ‘Pirate Isle’ Slot Has Launched !

Pirate Isle slot

Shiver me timbers! Pirate Isle has been spotted at all RTG casinos! The brand new 3-D pirate themed, 5 reel and 25 payline slot machine is a stunning new slot that is chock full of high tech graphics, animation and massive bonus rounds. Let’s set sail and see what’s in store for all swashbucklers!

The symbols that will be popping off of your screen include a couple of Pirates, a Flag, a Captain, is Dame, a Parrot, a Monkey, a Cannon, a Helm and an overflowing Mug of Ale. You will also see a stacked reel wild Skeleton symbol and a Galleon. There are five colored Treasure Key symbols and they include a Diamond key, a Ruby key, a Sapphire key, an Emerald key and a Gold key. They will award prizes when they land in winning paylines but have a very special function in the the video slot.

The Skeleton Key symbol is a grouped wild that will appear on reel three in normal games. Skeleton keys count for all other symbols accept scatters. The prizes are doubled when a skeleton key appears in a winning payline.

Alrighty mate, now that you have the symbols down, let’s get the the meat of the new game … the bonus features!

The Treasure Chest Bonus Feature

This feature is triggered when three or more treasure chests appear anywhere in the reels during normal games. When this happens, you’ll be presented with the treasure map. You will select from five locations on the treasure map to reveal a chest, map or ghost. Finding a chest awards a prize and another pick. Here’s where the Treasure Key symbols comes into play. If the lock on the treasure chest matches an active treasure key color that you have collected in the Treasure Key Meter at the top of the slot machine, the prizes triple! Finding a treasure map awards a prize and triggers a new round of picks. Up to 5 rounds may be won. Find a ghost and the feature ends but will award up to 100 free spins. If all the treasure keys are active, the number of free spins awarded is triple. It is possible to win up to 300 free spins total!

The Free Spins Bonus Feature

The Wild Skeleton Key may appear grouped on reels three, four and five during the free spins games. Three or more Treasure Chests that land in your reels add 15 more free spins of the current feature. Galleons do not appear during free spins.

The Extra Bet Broadside Bonus Feature

The Broadside feature triggers when three or more Galleons appear when playing the extra bet. Exchange broadsides with an enemy Galleon, with a win moving you up a prize ladder. Face new enemies until you are defeated or five opponents have been faced. Defeating the special Spanish treasure ships moves you up the ladder faster. Reaching the top of the prize ladder also awards the Pirates jackpot charger. An extra bet of five times the bet per line may be played for the Broadside feature.

The Pirate’s Treasure Progressive Jackpot

The Pirate’s Treasure Progressive Jackpot may only be one from the Broadside feature. Progressive jackpot wins are added to other wins.

Are you ready to set sail for adventure and riches me hearty? If so, you can find this amazing new 3-D video slot at any RTG casino including Intertops RED and iNetBet.

Be sure to check out the video below. I managed to hit a bonus round.


Orc vs Elf – The Battle Begins In The New RTG 3-D Video Slot

Orc vs Elf slot game

Orc vs Elf has been released as of today! This new 3-D video slot from RTG, is packed with high powered bonus features that we need to get right into them so you can get into the action! This is just one a few new RTG slots we expect to be talking about in the upcoming weeks.

The latest slot game is a 5 reel and 25 payline slot. Before entering to the game, players will need to choose whether they want to play as the Orc or the Elf. Which ever you choose, will determine which bonus rounds you end up playing. The slot symbols include a castle, a wolf, unicorn, skulls and bones and many other magical looking symbols.

Here is the breakdown on what all the bonus features and special functions include:

Orc is an expanding wild on reel 1 for all symbols except Elf shield. Elf is an expanding wild on reel 5 for all symbols except  Orc shield. Orc and Elf count once on their reel for scatters.

Land 3, 4 or 5 Orc shield symbols and players will enter into the bonus round. Land 3, 4 or 5 Elf shield symbols and players will enter into the bonus round. 4 or 5 of each of the symbols will pay a scatter payout also.

The character you choose when entering into the slot machine is who is used for the battle bonus. After the battle bonuses concludes you may choose again. When you are playing the Orc in normal games, 3 or more Orc shields triggers an Orc feature.  When you are playing the Elf in normal games, 3 or more Elf shields triggers an Elf feature. And here are the bonus rounds!

The Feature Trail:

There are 7 Orc features on the trail to the Fortress of Orcholme. There are 7 features on the road to the Citadel of Elveros. You may either except the feature that is triggered or continue on your journey. Anytime up to the next feature trigger you may decide to play the rejected feature. Taking any feature resets your feature trail.

Trail to Orcholme includes the following:

The Goblin’s Gold: 5 free spins are awarded, during which Darkling symbols pay double. Darkling symbols are Orc shields, Orc forts, wolves, banners, skull and sword.

The Hobgoblin feature: The same as a Goblin’s Gold feature, but 6 free spins and 2 scatters awards an extra free spin.

The Orc Army feature: As for the Hobgoblin feature, but Orc forts become an extra wild if the Orc appears. Extra wild count for all symbols except scatters.

The Orc Horde feature: As for Orc Army, but an extra work is added to reel 1.

Giant Spins feature: As per Orc Horde, the darkling symbols pay triple.

Chaos Spins feature: As per Giant Spins, but 7 free spins are initially awarded.

Orc Onslaught feature: As for Chaos Spins but the last spin becomes a Superspin. The Orc covers reel 1 during the Superspin.

Road to Elveros includes the following:

Woodland Spins feature: 6 free spins.

Elf Magic feature: As for Woodland Spins, but an extra wild appears on reel 2, 3 or 4 after the spin. Extra wilds count for all symbols except scatters.

Huntsman feature: as per Elf Magic, but 7 free spins and the Elf will hunt Orc appearing on reel 1. Slaying and Orc awards a bonus of up to 200 times your bet.

Ancient Archer feature: As for Huntsman but the Elf will also target Wolves appearing anywhere. Killing a Wolf awards a bonus of up to 100 times your bet.

Archmage feature: As per Ancient Archer, but 1 or 2 extra wild are added after each spin.

Forestal feature: As per the Archmage, but any Elf awards an instant superspin. 3 extra wilds are added after any superspin. And Orc and wolves bonus prizes are doubled.

Elf King feature: As per Forestal, but 8 free spins and any Superspin also adds an extra wild to reel 5.

The Battle Bonus Round

The Orc and Elf battle when battle bonuses symbols appear on reels 2, 3 & 4. An Orc victor triggers the Goblin’s Gold feature. An Elf victor free triggers the Woodland Spins feature. Defeat awards a consolation bonus of 2 to 10 your bet. The winner of the fight also accrues a victory point. The first player to accrue 3 victory points is a champion. If you are victorious your reward is determined by how many battles lead to your triumph.

As you can see, there is a lot packed into the new 3-D slot. Players are in for a nice treat as RTG slots head into a new direction with their new game!

Club World Casino is where the battle begins … the battle between Orc vs Elf!