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Reel Slots vs Video Slots

Video Slots vs Reel Slots – The Choice Is Yours

As an online slots buff, you have so many decisions to make when it comes to choosing the online slot that we are going to gamble our hard earned cash on. Do you choose slot games that have bonus rounds? Do you choose slot games that have a progressive jackpot? Do you choose slot games because they are new or the latest online slot? Do you choose slot games because you like the theme? Do you choose slot games because it is a video slot or a reel or classic slot? This last question is what we are going to explore today.

Definitions Of A Video Slot And A Reel Slot

First of all we need to know what a video slot is and what a reel slot is. A video slot is one that can contain multiple reels, paylines, bonus rounds, multipliers, scatter symbols, free spins and wild symbols. A reel or classic slot is one that contains from 1 – 5 paylines in most cases and do not contain all the bells and whistles that a video slot contains. Reel slots are considered the traditional slot games.

Pros And Cons Of Video Slots And Reel Slots

Let’s start with the pros and cons of reel slots. A plus that classic slots have is that the game is straight forward. You choose the coin size you want to play with. You choose how many lines you want to play from 1 to 5 in some cases. You choose how many coins you want to play which depends on the actual game and what it allows. You spin the reels and you either win or lose. Cut and dry and not a lot of guess work. Not a lot of guess work because there are no bonus rounds, special features and other frills that can get in the way of making a simple wager. Now this is not true of all reel slots.

There are some that contain special features such as Rival’s classic slot called Eggstravaganza. This game contains a special feature that is a free spins feature. Players can win free spins that have multipliers if one or more bonus symbols land in the single payline. This certainly makes the slot machine more exciting. Winmill is another classic slot that has 2 bonus features where players can be awarded randomly. They have the option of choosing a “hand” of a cute Dutch girl and after picking one, a prize is awarded. Another bonus round of this slot game is one where players catch coins falling out of a windmill. Because of these bonus rounds, the online slot player may want to really consider what kind of wager they want to make because there is a lot more to gain if a bonus round is triggered. A progressive jackpot can be found in the slot Strike Gold. The possibility of winning a progressive jackpot raises the excitement level of playing a classic slot immensely!

A con that players will experience is that classic or reel slots are not that exciting to play. You make a bet, spin the reels and win or lose. You make a bet, spin the reels and win or lose. This pattern is basically it when it comes to playing these types of slots. But some players may find that this is a pro because it is cut and dry. There is nothing else to consider when making a bet.

Now for the pros and cons of video slots. Video slots are filled with many pros as was mentioned earlier. There are bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, scatters, wild symbols, multiple reels and paylines. All of these special features can make for one exciting slot game. There are features that can dramatically increase a player’s balance if any of them are triggered. If players are playing at a maximum wager, the payout can be enormous! These features add much excitement to games especially if they are interactive where players are taken on a “journey” within the slot and progress as the game progresses. Microgaming’s Max Damage and the Alien Attack Arcade slot is one that comes to mind. This is a very interactive game that advances players to higher levels as each one is completed while winning coins along the way.

What are some cons of playing a video slot? Well, one can consider a con to be that the video slots can be more expensive to play than a classic slot. Video slots normally will have 9 paylines to start and can go all the way to 100 paylines. A game with 100 paylines for example is Microgaming’s Cashapillar video slot or their Lion’s Pride slot. So let’s do the math. After choosing the coin size of a penny (which is not expensive at all, right? Wrong!), when all paylines are chosen, the wager becomes $1. A dollar wager can be considered a little high for those who are comfortable spinning $0.25. But to achieve maximum payouts, one should always opt to play all lines the game has to offer.

In Conclusion …

Players will always choose what they feel comfortable playing whether it is a reel classic slot game or a video slot and that is what is most important … what feels comfortable. If exciting bonus rounds feel comfortable then play them. If straight forward wagers feel comfortable play them. No matter what type of online slot game you choose to play, we here at wish you good luck always!

Shoot! – Microgaming Slot Review

Shoot! Slot Game

What better way to celebrate the forthcoming European football championships than to play the new slot game called Shoot! which was just launched by Microgaming in late May. This 5 reel and 50 payline slot machine is also a triple bonus slot game that will take players to a by gone era featuring some of the greatest footballers of all time!

Based around Shoot! Magazine which was created in 1969 and is still one of the most popular sports magazines around, Shoot!, the online slot, will become just as popular as the magazine itself because of it’s awesome bonus features. There is a Trade ‘Em bonus, a Free Spins bonus and a Magazine bonus.

The Trade ‘Em Bonus – When 3 or more Scatters appear in the reels of this latest slot game, this bonus will trigger. A 1970’s school desk will appear and will be covered with 12 trading cards. Players are able to choose 4 of them to win coins.

The Free Spins Bonus – Player will hit a spin button in front of a plastic toy scoreboard. This will reveal a random number of free spins that range from 10 to 35 and come with a 2 times multiplier.

The Magazine Bonus – After being taken to a child’s bedroom from the 1970’s, shag carpet, groovy bed-linen and all, players will select from 12 Shoot! Magazines until a “red card” appears to end the bonus. Coins will be collected as magazines are picked.

Bonus features, Wilds and Scatters along with bets ranging from .01 to $100 all come together in the Shoot! slot game to bring you huge payouts and entertainment at the same time. 15000 coins are the top payout in a base game and can be doubled in the free spins. The bonus games have a top payout of 10000 coins. Those are great jackpots even by Microgaming slots standards!

Grab your rattle and a pie, head on over to your favorite Microgaming casino such as Lucky Emperor, cram into the terraces and cheer your way to profits while playing the latest online slot called Shoot! With this iconic brand there can be no substitute!

Mr. Cashback – Playtech Slot review on

Mr Cashback Slot Game

Mr. Cashback is another hit video slot game from Playtech. This game even offers a free play practice mode that can help new players become familiar with the game before they have to risk their own money with a cash wager. The game does not feature a progressive jackpot, but players will have the chance to win the top fixed jackpot that will award a payout of 7500 coins. Depending on the amount players are betting, this can be quite an impressive win. The game features 5 reels with 15 paylines. Players will have the opportunity to change the amount of the coin size as they play. Many players will enjoy increasing their bet when they are on a winning streak in hopes of earning additional payouts. The supported coin sizes range from $0.01 top $1.00 and players can be a maximum of 150 coins per spin.

Mr. Cashback is a Playtech casino game that features an attractive Cash theme. Not only will players enjoy the regular payouts during the game, but they will also be able to take advantage of some great added features that include autoplay, wild symbols, free spins, scatter icons, a gamble feature and a bonus round. With more than 33 winning combinations, it is possible to hit a win on almost every spin on the game.

The slot symbols used in the game are bright and vivid and are all related to the theme. Players will see the Mr. Cashback Logo, Mr. Cashback with a cigar, bag of gold coins, wads of cash, piggy bank and playing card symbols. All of the symbols in the game are animated, creating an attractive appearance for all players.

The main attraction of Mr. Cashback is the Mr. Cashback Feature. This is a unique feature that guarantees players a cashback amount. During this feature, players will receive a cashback of 50 times their line bet if an active payline does not win 50 ties in a row.

The wild symbol in the game can help players create additional winning combinations. This symbol is the cigar smoking Mr. Cashback and it will substitute for all other symbols in the game with the exception of the scatter. This is also the jackpot symbol. When players get 5 of these on an active payline, they will win the 7500 coin jackpot amount. The Mr. Cashback Logo is the scatter icon and this can offer up some great payouts. Players will need to get three or more of these to receive a payout. These symbols will also trigger the free spin round. This round will award players with 12 free spins and all of the winnings will be doubled.

As an added extra, players can enjoy the winnings from the Bonus Game. This is triggered every time an active payline does not produce a winning combination for 50 times in a row. This cashback bonus is a great way to reward players as they enjoy the action of this incredible Playtech slot games.